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Hampton Inn & Suites Renovation

47' VERSA:T: Beams were used to carry 4 levels of load bearing walls with hollowcore slabs.

Description 4 level addition, indoor pool, new guest rooms, near Richmond airport

Kore-Flex Columns, VERSA:T: beams, Hollowcore Slab, Load Bearing Metal Stud Walls

Hampton Inn was looking to expand and add a 4 level addition including an indoor pool to their existing hotel. The indoor pool required 47' spans to accommodate the pool while maintaining floor-floor heights of their existing hotel.

Diversakore provided the long span and low profile capabilities needed to maintain floor heights and produce 47' spans to accommodate the pool. The VERSA:T: beams and Kore Flex columns were specified to support the transfer slabs of a hollowcore and load bearing metal stud wall hotel structure. DIVERSAKORE was able to reduce the number and sizes of columns and structural depths to help the owner optimize their space plan. In addition, the reduced tonnage of steel reduced the overall cost of materials.

  Owner: Patel & Patel
General Contractor:Eagle One Construction
Architect: Charlie King Associates
Structural Engineer: March Adams Associates
Stein Steel
Hollowcore Supplier Gate
Tri State Erectors