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Cambria Suites

Architect stated a number of critical columns and beam interferences were eliminated due to long span low profile VERSA:T: Beams and Kore-Flex Columns.

Description: 165,000 sf - 7 levels - rooftop pool - 75 residences - Ted's Monana Grille and parking downstairs - Commerce & Decatur St.

Given the long span and low profile capabilities, the VERSA:T: beams and Kore Flex columns were specified to support the transfer slabs of a load bearing AAC hotel structure. DIVERSAKORE was able to reduce the number and sizes of columns and structural depths to help the owner optimize their space plan. In addition, the reduced tonnage of steel reduced the overall cost of materials.

Solution: Kore-Flex Columns, VERSA:T: beams, AAC panels, AAC block walls.

  Owner CQ Capital
General Contractor CQ Partners
Architect Leo A Daly
Structural Engineer SBI
Macuch Steel Products
AAC Supplier
Xella Concrete
CQ Partners