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60 Madison Parking Garage

Converting building use was simplified and brought into budget through the use of DIVERSKORE's and Steel Form's products.

Description 5 levels office converted to parking, 10 story mixed use in heart of Memphis, "sustainable approach conserves and creates opportunity for Memphis" - Memphis Law School

VERSA:T: Beams, and Steel Form Deck

Conversion of a 10 story building. Originally 5 levels of parking with 5 levels of office above. 5 office levels converted to parking. 2 30'x30' bays to be removed and replaced with a parking ramp.
  Owner EFO Residential
General Contractor EFO Construction
Structural Engineer Browder & LeGuizamon
Premier Steel Services
Steel Deck Supplier
Steel Form
Cast In Place Contractor
EFO Construction
EFO Construction